Tina Bhudia Director of Creative Creations


Tina Bhudia

Creative Creations is a unique design service firm much like its founder, Tina Bhudia. Tina was born without her right hand owing to a developmental complication during her mother’s pregnancy. The complication became irreversible simply because it was overlooked by the doctors and sonographers due to the limited visuals (scans) available at the time.

From that day she knew the importantance of visuals and decided to formally study a degree ingraphic design & new media and became a graphic designer. Such qualifications, backed with a confident personality, helped Tina secure employment with some very recognisable brands in Britain, including the Science Museum, Macmillan Publishers, Haven Holidays, Warner Leisure Hotels, and the CO Star Group.

Over the years, Tina developed advanced command over professional design software programs and design coding skills. She became a mentor for designers working around her and taught herself to design websites and HTML Emails using CRM systems and hard coding.

Tina has a real passion for design and wants to transform businesses and events to reach their highest potential. She loves building long-term relationships with her clients as she can see and help them reach their ulimate life goals through the form of visual communication.

What makes us different

Creative Creations is the place where business and individual clients come to build bespoke designs that connect them to their audiences effectively. At Creative Creations, we strongly believe the way your messages are designed will influence how well they are received. So, we sit with you to understand what you want to achieve and build your designs from scratch.

Our aim